Tuesday, March 8, 2011

iPhone + iPad Wallpaper via Red Stamp

Fingers are crossed that this weekend I FINALLY get to give my Blackberry Storm the big old boot and get an iPhone. 
My storm would a be complete travesty if there ever was an emergency...I swear I would have to wait for it to "wake up" then dial 9-wait a few seconds 1- wait a few more seconds 1...praying the whole time that is doesn't totally freeze and I have to take the battery out and reboot!
Ok so maybe it's not that bad but, seriously it's time for an upgrade!

Red Stamp has the most delish calendar wallpapers for the iPhone and iPad and for this reason alone everyone should be on the "i" bandwagon just to look at these chic images everyday!

Can't wait to see the April calendar!!


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  2. I heart Red Stamp! I have a Droid and they said they are coming out with apps for it :) fingers crossed!

  3. thanks for posting this...i need this wallpaper. its so stylish. also wanted to thank you for commenting on my BLOGGER NOW post. I appreciate it.

  4. Oh tiff, I am a true blue apple girl ! I have been and always will be;). So, go switch:). You won't be sorry

    I love that u shared this app too.. I have both iPad and phone, and I'm going there to apple store right this min!! Thanks for the tip!!

  5. These are so beautiful. Can i download these for my iPhone for free. Thanks for sharing. en ucuz iphone


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