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Let’s get to know each other…again!

My super supportive husband brought to my attention that my “About Me” section was in need of revision since tying the knot on August 2, 2014.  So yes, that’s right, I am now a wife, with a new last name, and married to the most amazing man, Scott {go me!!}.  He’s my rock, my breath of fresh air and the sunshine in all my days.  I seriously still wonder what it was that I did right to deserve such a blessing. 

Back where I come from…
I grew up in the super small town of Mebane, North Carolina…where everyone knows everyone.  I have the most amazing parents and the best big brother around!  My yorkie, Presley Hope is an absolute doll and completely has me in the palm of her paw!! Along with the husband also came the most tender hearted gentle Doberman Pincher, “Lucian”.  Just a heads up, Lucian has many alias’s!  My sweet in-laws and sister-in-law like to call him “Lu-Lu”, and my mom apparently thinks he is a girl and calls Lucian “Lucy”.  Me, well I have completely changed his name because he is seriously the most sophisticated dog EVER.  I like to call him Theodore!  Theo for short and YES, I have actually even gotten him to answer to Theo at least one time!!  

I love to laugh and rarely take anything serious…life is too short to be serious all the time! Having fun and being happy are a must! (random dancing is also a must).   I'm pretty sure the beach is a little piece of heaven on earth! Palm trees warm my soul! My favorite color is coral---my fave flowers...calla lilies and hydrangeas. 

I have been fortunate enough to study fashion and work couture shows in Paris, Milan, and Brussels…just a few perks of a fashion merchandising and design major! I obviously adore fashion but, interior design, crafts, gardening, planning events, and traveling also rank very high on my list!

I launched the Delightfully Chic online boutique in December 2011 offering digital prints and stylish home accessories!  We are currently in the works of expanding and updating the collection so stay tuned for updates on the re-launch!

I thank God, my husband, my family, friends, and amazing DC readers for being so very blessed in my life!

Thanks for visiting Delightfully Chic!

Tiffany Gaither 
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